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What is PDO

Polydioxanone(PDO) which is composed of biodegradable and biocompatible proteins dissolves gradually over 6 months inside the human body. AS it has been used as wound closure tread for a long time, it is proven as safe without side effects and rarely causes allergic reaction.

Main product

Main product "CHAMSILL" is a medical device which is designed for implanting PDO(suture thread) into the hypodermic tissues to improve skin aging (eye bags, sagging neck skin, fine lines, and wrinkles) by stimulating the production of collagen.


The treatment is featured with high safety, adjustability, great facility, and short-term response. By developing multiple designs of cutting edge of needle, "CHAMSILL" allow patients to receive minimal damages both body and mind. It is less painful. less time taking and more effective.

"CHAMSILL" also has unique designs of thread to anchor under the skin strong enough to hold the subcutaneous tissues through the PDO's dissolving period of 6 months. 3 or 4 sharp cogs around its heat processed triangle-shaped suture is its core technology. While its unique L type/W type/WA type tips of needles make a smooth painless penetration through the hypodermic, heat processed triangle-shape suture and this elaborated cut cogs simultaneously provide strength to support the fascia.

Likewise "CHAMSILL" offers over 752 types of suture inserting needles allowing clinicians great flexibility to select the most appropriate needle types and suture types for the specific needs of the patient.