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Since established at Oct. 24th 2013, Regenbiocharm has been leading bio-medical company possessing high technology in TERM (Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine). Manufacturing bio products by developing advanced technology of needles inserting suture thread (PDO) under the skin with minimal resistance, of heat processed triangle- shaped suture with cogs, of manufacturing PDO filler, Regenbiocharm has realized the manufacture of high quality products.


Regenbiocharm has signed monopoly contract with Q Life Pharma Co. LTD supplying filler in Qatar and G.C.C., also with MJ Russco, Russia, to supply suture thread inserting device and filler to Russia as well as doing overseas sales in Taiwan and China.

Domestically Regenbiocharm has made a contract with Ultra V for entrusting the entire manufacturing process of suture thread inserting device.

Advanced technology!

Upholding tradition of quality and the excellence of the products with multiple patent-registered technologies, Regenbiocharm has acknowledged as a startup company by KIBO(Korea Technology Finance Corporation)( Oct. 19.2016~Oct. 18.2018 )